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Structural Design: Innovation – Collaboration – Easy 

By iStructures Structural Team Leader, Hendry Sutjiadi

Structural engineering is one of the specialties of iStructures. As a team, we implement the company’s motto: Innovation-Collaboration-Easy in all we do. This is not merely a slogan, but it is a powerful tool to ensure iStructures’ structural design and engineering solutions are of the highest standard.

An example project that we have successfully applied the motto to is the structural design of a series of 3-storey dwelling units. It consists of 4 apartment blocks with each having a unique architectural building shape. The buildings stand on TC2 land in Linwood.

To answer the challenge of the design process, we had to be innovative. We applied light-weight steel framing as the main structural system of the buildings. The main purpose was to reduce the building self-weight and seismic load. As a result, the foundations could be more effective compared to those that use traditional steel or reinforced concrete structures.

In developing the structural design, we carried out 3D modelling of the light-gage steel structures. We used aArchitectural modeln integrated software package that enabled us to do structural design, CAD drafting and detailing in a single package. One of the buildings had a large open space at the ground floor for the carpark, which was another design challenge. A hot-rolled steel structure was used to support the upper floor’s light-gage structure. An innovative design methodology applied a combination of two separate 3D modelling program. The upper and lower structures were then analyzed separately.

Another challenge of the structural design was the complex roof shapes. The architectural team, which is part of iStructures, had designed the building with an elegant roof to maintain a high architectural standard. The ceiling of the top floor was designed to correspond with the stylish roof shape. Close collaboration with the architectural team was the key to ensure a successful project outcome.

3d modelLast but not least is to make all jobs easy. This means that no job is too complicated if we can be innovative and collaborative. Excellent communication within the team and with the other teams in the company is the key to ensure that a high degree of innovation and collaboration is taking place and making the job easy. This also applies to external parties, such as our clients, contractors and the councils. Our customers are very satisfied with iStructures because we are easy to deal with, providing solutions beyond their expectations.

iStructures, Innovation-Collaboration-Easy has successfully been applied to our projects with the company continuing to make a strong contribution in rebuilding Christchurch. For more information on iStructures, phone 03 348 5752 or visit our website www.istructures.co.nz.

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