Structural Engineering

The iStructures structural engineering group provides expertise in structural engineering and construction management, bringing successful and sustainable strategies for all its projects. The company, which is firmly grounded on the principles of engineering has cultivated and applied its expertise in a diverse range of projects such as mall and office buildings, parking buildings, industrial complexes, warehouses, tilt-up wall buildings, retail stores, dairy and agricultural facilities, and residential buildings. iStructures carries out performance-based analysis of complex building structures using state-of-the-art analysis programs such as SAP2000.

With its mission is to provide high quality engineering services and economical engineering design solutions, whist maintaining architectural design intents for its projects,

iStructures always strives  to exceed clients’ expectations .

Structural Design

iStructures has completed numerous structural designs of new buildings. For these large-scale structures, the designs are generally carried out using three-di mensional structural modeling tools like ETABS and SAP. Structural designs often face challenges assimilating with other building elements like architecture and building services, as well as the construction process itself. With iStructures experience with systems integration in the design process, the most effective design solutions are always provided.


Seismic Assessment and Strengthening

Since the Canterbury earthquakes, iStructures has carried out a large number of seismic assessments, including:

  • Earthquake damage assessment
  • Rover inspections / sub-floor inspection.
  • Initial Evaluation Procedure (IEP)
  • Detailed Engineering Evaluation (DEE).

The seismic assessments are normally followed by seismic strengthening proposals.

Challenges relating to space, view obstructions, constructability, and construction costs have consistently been met by iStructures, often using innovative retrofitting concepts.

Building design services

  • New home design and ideas. Talk to us and we will make your dream home a reality
  • Renovation and alteration plans for City Council consenting process
  • CAD Drafting/Revit

Construction Monitoring

monitoringiStructures has carried out numerous construction monitoring projects in order to ensure the construction is completed to the highest standards and quality. iStructures will ensure the designs are interpreted correctly, the works are completed in accordance with plan and appropriate construction techniques are being used.



Residential, Commercial and Industrial Building

iStructures has carried out structural engineering design and consultancy in a wide range of projects. They include residential, commercial and industrial buildings and structures. The projects have a range from simple to complex or large-scale structures.