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With the ongoing earthquakes around New Zealand, it would be wise to look at the solutions of your old and unreinforced chimney before it gets damaged by the earthquake.

The cost savings is huge if we can address the potential issues at the early stage. Here’s the comparison;

Mitigation of Non-damaged chimney
1. Design fees and City council fees
2. Chimney construction cost

Repairing of earthquake damage chimneys
1. Temporary repair cost
2. Repair damage to roofing
3. Repair damage to ceiling and maybe flooring
4. Accommodation of the homeowner
5. Design fees and City Council fees
6. Chimney construction costs
7. Potentially the lower part of the chimney below ceiling is damaged as well, therefore it will add the cost of the construction.

Since 2011, iStructures NZ Ltd is helping the Earthquake Commission through EQR in providing latest chimney design to mitigate the potential damage in future earthquakes.

iStructures will carry out inspection of your old chimneys, develop design, manage the process and manage the construction.

Decide today!

Contact us by email at admin@istructures .co.nz or phone us +03 3485755

iStructures can help in architectural design, structural design, building consent process, construction management and building works.


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