Andre_BoiserAndre Boiser migrated to New Zealand in June 2008 to provide a better life for his family.

He brought with him extensive and diverse experience in cross-functional and multi-disciplinary engineering. Whilst overseas, he had worked for a range of reputable consulting and construction company such as Hyundai Construction, WSP Asia and Global Water Engineering. In New Zealand, he continued to develop he experience and capabilities through working at Fletcher Construction and Fletcher EQR.

Andre realised there existed a market opportunity to provide specialist engineering and architectural services to the construction industry and in November 2010, he establish the company, CAD World NZ Ltd. After the Canterbury earthquakes, Andre moved to Christchurch in December 2010 to provide services to this growing market.

Subsequently, the company has grown from a staff of a single architectural technician to a highly competent team of 20 people, delivering high quality services into the construction, architecture and engineering sectors. Currently it comprises of Chartered Structural Engineers, Structural Engineers, a LBP designer, Architectural Technicians, Administrators and Tradesmen. The company has helped Cantabrians in repairing theirs homes since 2011 and it is now helping to rebuild and design the new city.

The company now trades as iStructures NZ Ltd to ensure it continues deliver and enhance its capabilities in servicing the construction industry. iStructures is here for the long haul.